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Mementoes: Imaginings, #12

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Keith Brooke is the author of fourteen novels, seven collections, and over seventy short stories. His work has been shortlisted for both the Philip K Dick and the Seiun Award. The novella that leads off "Mementoes is exceptional, a gripping evocation of crisis on a colony world, and the eight stories that follow (two of them original to this collection) are all of a high quality in their own right.

“Keith Brooke’s prose achieves a rare honesty and clarity, his characters always real people, his situations intriguing and often moving.” – Jeff VanderMeer

“Brooke excels at depicting unknowable and scarily arbitrary extraterrestrials and a human race crushed by endless cruelty and domination. Recommended.” – The Guardian on alt.human                      

“A progressive and skillful writer.” – Peter F. Hamilton

“Keith Brooke is a wonderful writer. His great gift is taking us into worlds we never imagined...” – Kit Reed, author of Thinner Than Thou

A Flicker in the Deep      
War 3.01       
A Decent Man       
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