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To The Rescue

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Roger Mabry decides to sneak into the local Mob’s office and get an item to use as evidence against them. He helps Gwen Haley, a total stranger, carry bags inside with building security hardly noticing him. He gets what he went in for but must exit disguised as “Mabel” with Gwen innocently helping this older woman.
Examining security tapes of the intrusion, the Mobsters identify Haley as a person they need to talk to.
Gwen is interested in the man who helped her inside but didn’t stay to chat. Roger would like to thank Gwen for her help and get to know her.
At the mall Mobsters confront Halley and demand answers about who entered and left with her but she doesn’t understand what they want. Mabry followed Haley to the mall hoping to talk to her and feels he must rescue her. As he bumbles his way to do so the men back off and leave.
Later Mabry and Haley agree to meet for lunch in the mall but the Mobsters and their rivals arrive there too, all interested in what Haley might know. All those players plus police officers face-off in the mall central court. At critical moments Haley and Mabry acting as Mabel confuse things to give more police time to arrive.
Finally shots are fired but the police quickly assert control. The Mobsters and their rivals are taken into custody.
But the bad guys won’t accept defeat so over the next few days there are a series of attempts on the lives of both Haley and Mabry, often with the one in some way taking action to rescue the other. After all this can they hope to develop a serious relationship?

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