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THE POSSIBLE JOURNEY is about war and peace, about disharmony and harmony, about hate and love, about what we choose and by which we customize habits. In the course of life, positives and negatives get folded together in consciousness. We can blindly go on and suffer the hurts of negative implications and impose them on others, or we can search them out and remove them from the menu of choices. Nature equips us to do this. We inherit an intuitional capacity for symbiotic accommodation but also a strong inclination toward hyped egoism. One is the way of love and harmony, the other is the way of discord and degradation. It’s not about God; it’s about us and our personal choices to become Godlike—or otherwise. Natural, self-reflective evolution (symbiosis), the option of love, is ours to choose. Intentional symbiosis is the way of Godhead Harmony, the Way of WORD-LIGHT-LOVE. The alternative is the way of waste, of personal and social degradation, the trinity of ignorance-arrogance-greed. Coming to the wisdom of faith/reason by way of trimorphic resonance is an adult, divine/human process of consciousness, something larger and beyond the pablum of institutional religion. Our choice is to continue on the way of repressive Dominion Theology, imperialism and violence, or to diverge and opt the way of Liberation Theology, love for one another, openness and intentional accommodation. THE POSSIBLE JOURNEY aspires to be a lifetime guide for growth into adult faith and fulfilled living. Let it be your guide to the harmonic Way of TRUTH-LIGHT-LOVE. Uncompromised Trust, fidelity to mutuality, is the best option for developing the possibilities of life. For the Love of God and for Peace on Earth choose intentional symbiosis, choose trust, choose life!
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