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The Ghostly Ghastlys



The Ghostly Ghastlys are a family of ghosts. There is not much that can harm ghosts, but they must beware of the Great Ghost Snow.

The skeletons are building an igloo. Unknowingly, they are stirring the magic up - and it isn't good.

Along comes the Snowman Rescuer. He's a bit of a windbag, but he knows all about snow: rainbow snow, singing snow, pudding snow and stampeding snow that chases and kicks. He has rescued many children - but not from the Great Ghost Snow.

When the little Ghastlys find themselves whirled up in it, he won't do anything about it - not even when more ghosts get caught.

See what the Ghastlys' friends have to do to get him to get him to even step outside of the nice, cosy igloo!

A full colour, highly illustrated, exciting and fun story for readers of 7 - 10 years. It is Book 8 in the Ghostly Ghastly series, but can be read on its own.

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