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Dark Soul, Volume II: Dark Soul, #2

132 pages2 hours


The noose tightens around Mafia don Stefano Marino’s neck. While Silvio Spadaro goes on the offensive and attacks the Russian mobsters who threaten Stefano’s power, mutiny is brewing in Stefano’s crime family. His underboss, Augusto Viero, challenges his leadership. Soon it becomes clear that nobody – except maybe Silvio – can be trusted.

But Silvio’s very presence may destroy everything Stefano holds dear – his standing in the Mafia, the respect of his men, and, last but not least, his marriage. When Silvio’s brother Franco returns from the French Foreign legion, a skilled sniper is certainly welcome in the middle of all-out gang war, but two Spadaros might be a lot more than Stefano can handle.

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