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Death of a Prince

327 pages5 hours


Criminal Defense Attorney Sandra Salinsky is hired to defend the alleged murderer of plaintiffs' attorney Phillip Parker, her mother's best friend.

Salinsky and her mother, Erma Townley, are law partners as well as sparing partners and different as night and day.

Although the defendant claims she's innocent, there were millions of reasons to kill Parker, and not all of them about money. To make matters worse, the prosecutor from hell is assigned to the case. Sandra and Erma put their heads together to figure out who really killed Parker, but every suspect has a different version of the events on the night of the murder.

One thing is certain, someone stole the victim's watch and ring, which could turn the murder into a capital murder, a death penalty offense.

Before the case is over, Sandra risks everything to find a killer who will take no chances in making her the next victim.

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