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When A Man Says I Will: The Meaning of Your Wedding Vows

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Have you ever thought about the meaning of the vows you are about to make to each other? Or have you already made them but never really understood the power of what you said? Well it’s time to see your wedding vows as you have probably never seen them before.

In this book we examine the common wedding vows that are made before God at the sacred altar. We explore their meaning, and how a groom can carry out his promises to fulfil his bride’s needs as well as his own.

This book is based on the traditional vows exchanged during an English wedding ceremony, but the principles extend far beyond.  Even if you write your own vows the principles are the same – marriage is a lifelong commitment.

The book is aimed not only at those preparing for marriage, but also is a great guide for those who have been married for a few years or for many.

Find out:

- the real power that lies behind the words “I Will”

- what each of the individual promises mean for your daily life together

- how to overcome the challenges you will face to maintaining your vows

Look out also for the printed companion workbook.

The related title ‘When A Woman Says I Will’ is written in a similar style and layout. Some of the content is the same but much of it is written for a female reader.

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