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Eulogy for Murder: Jim Richards Murder Novels, #37

101 pages1 hour


A sudden death in the family takes Jim and Penny back to their roots in Michigan. Jim invites Trapper, Earl and Buck to go along to visit with their families. Jim and Penny prepare for the funeral and while they are there, Jim finds an old acquaintance from his early days working as a private investigator. Barry Becker, now a police detective and he’s in Jim’s town to investigate a murder. Seems someone wanted to reveal damaging evidence about corrupt dealings within a mob run construction company. The owner recently died and the man who was going to tell all is set to do the eulogy, but is murdered before he can squeal on his former partner. Who murdered the man and will Penny murder Jim if he gets involve in the case. All in a day’s work for Jim and his crime fighting crew in this 37th book of the series.

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