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Forty-Four Book Three: 44, #3

211 pages2 hours


With hundreds of five-star reviews, this is the third book in the "fantastic, edge of your seat" 13-part Forty-Four saga. See why more than half a million readers have downloaded this amazing series.

Two years ago Abby Craig died in the dark waters of a mountain lake. And then forty-four minutes later she miraculously came back to life.

Dr. Nathaniel Mortimer is sure he was the one who saved her that day. But there is still much he doesn't understand. After being away, he has now returned and will stop at nothing to get his answers.

Abby's time is running out. She must find a way off the island where she's being held prisoner or risk discovering what lies on the other side of those forty-four minutes. Because the good doctor eventually comes to believe that there's only one thing he needs to complete his research...

Abby's life.

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