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In a small coastal town in New England, A young woman finds herself with an unexpected connection to a dark and handsome man, with even darker secrets,which leads her on a journey of romance, self discovery, empowerment and heartache. With twists and turns that you'll never see coming, This is just the beginning of a romance that will change her life, and reveal secrets that she never could have dreamed of.
An ancient book that no one can read and people who want to take it from her, follow Amelia as she discovers her own magic and strength.

Gabriel has never been like other vampires, well, he has, a little. Only feeding on vagrants and criminals, he has led a mostly quiet life, until he sees her. The pull he feels for this woman is like nothing he has ever felt. They were meant to be together. He must keep his true self a secret, if she knew, it would ruin everything. He will do anything to help her stay safe, as they are both on the run from those who wish her harm..
Can a secret destroy what Fate has created?

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