"Love Drug Connections" and Other Stories

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"Love Drug Connections" and Other Stories

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Length: 292 pages4 hours


Seven unrelated tales for grown-ups played for laughs.
“Love Drug Connections”: Hunts for an aphrodisiac and a statue, both called Love Goddess, result in chases, lies, and comeuppances.
“Funerals Are For Drama”: Backers of an Indie film die suddenly and further funding depends on the actors’ behavior at their funerals so the ambitious actors use several funerals for drama more than mourning. There are gag gifts placed in a casket; a missing arm; flowers delivered to the wrong funeral and stolen back; and rescuing valuable items from a cult group’s funeral pyre.
“Misunderstandings”: Two people forced by circumstance to temporarily share an office and a phone each suspect the other is conducting an illegal business - then the detective arives.
“The Store Angel”: A man lingering in a store turns out to be more than he seemed when told to leave.
“You Can’t Go Home Again...”: Progress takes an unexpected form in a small town.
“An Interview With the Devil”: Beelzebub enjoys a moment in the spotlight.
“Check It Out”: A computerized grocery checkout counter meets resistance from a customer.

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