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Kilted Tentacle Monster: A Search for True Love

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Scotsman Angus Buchanan is lonely, but his alien heritage makes it difficult for him to find a partner. Not many women can overlook his tentacles. At his cousin's wedding in America, he meets marine biologist Sasha. She is intrigued by his unique anatomy and might just be the true love he's waited for--or at least the woman to help rid him of his pesky virginity.

Author's Note: This story came about because of a discussion on a writers’ forum. The topic was monster erotica, and this idea blossomed. I’m not an aficionado of anime or tentacle porn, but there was something fun and intriguing about the idea of a tentacle monster in a kilt. Angus was a sweet boy, and that made it easier to write his story. I don’t think I’ll ever be interested in writing the ravishing tentacle beast stories you might find in modern anime, but this softer story was fun to create. That doesn’t mean I plan to launch a new career as an erotic matchmaker for tentacle aliens, even if they wear kilts.

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