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46 Meal Recipes to Solve Your Constipation Problems: Improve Your Digestion Through Intelligent Food Choices and Well Organized Meal Recipes

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Constipation is a very common problem throughout the world and everybody experiences it once in a while. Approximately 42 million people have problems with constipation. We all have different habits when going to the toilet. Still, for some people, once or twice a week is a totally normal thing but ideally you should be going to the bathroom atleast once a day.
The most common symptoms for constipation are stomach cramps, being unable to empty your bowels, or extremely hard stool. This can have psychological affects that are followed by loss of appetite and anxiety.
Irregular bowel movements or an unbalanced diet can cause constipation which can be very irritating and painful. The reason for being constipated can really be anything: from different medical conditions, problems with your digestive system, various medicines, to an unhealthy diet.

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