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42 All Natural Meal Recipes for Ovarian Cancer : Give Your Body the Tools It Needs to Protect and Heal Itself Against Cancer

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The importance of nutrition can’t be overstated when you're talking about ovarian cancer patients. That’s why I want to share this recipe book with as many people as possible who are looking for a natural alternative. The risk of Ovarian Cancer is sometimes higher when you have a family history of cancer in general, being obese or over weight, being post-menopausal, and having an unhealthy lifestyle. Doctors have confirmed that having a well-balanced diet can reduce almost 50% chance of developing most diseases.
Cancer seems to become more and more common in the world due to bad eating habits and stress-filled work environments. Opting for a less intrusive and invasive treatment is always better in the long run as what you eat will eventually affect more than one part of your body.

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