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Visions VI: Galaxies

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Visions VI: Galaxies moves us beyond our own provincial area of space and into the broader perspective of multiple galaxies. With hundreds of billions of galaxies in the Universe and hundreds of billions of stars in most galaxies, the possibility of habitable planets other than our Earth is a certainty. When humankind spreads outward, as it must in order to survive, communication and interaction between galaxies must also reach unforeseen capabilities.
Stories & Authors:
“Old Soldiers” by Bruce C Davis ~ “If you know your enemy and you know yourself, then in a hundred battles you will never be in peril.”
~SunTzu, The Art of War
“Shidee” by W. A. Fix ~ Deep in the Andromeda Galaxy, a young Earthling slave learns about friendship, love and the true meaning of family.
“God Ship” by J. Richard Jacobs ~ As the 21st Century drew to a close, we had finally shucked the stifling rags of primitive superstitions and harnessed the energy of our star. Driven by insatiable curiosity, we found ourselves occupying planets around our nearest neighbors. What might we find if we traveled just a bit farther?
“Canyon Falls” by John Moralee ~ Veya lives in Canyon Falls, a city linked via hyperspace gateways to distant alien civilizations. She wants to join the Nova Guild, the ancient and powerful organization responsible for keeping the gateways functioning, but a tragic event from her past threatens to ruin her apprenticeship and endanger lives.
“The Guardian” by Sharon Kraftchak ~ Can the communications officer of the GFSS Empathy convince his captain to endanger ship and crew, by answering a distress call to rescue the life spark of a supposed mythical, powerful species from the imminent demise of their galaxy?
“Cloud Marathon” by Gustavo Bondoni ~ A desperate ship is attempting to escape an enemy that has already destroyed most of human civilization in the Milky Way. What they find along the way creates more questions—and moral dilemmas—than answers.
“Miss Patel's Holiday” by Mary Madigan ~ As a gondolier in the only tourist trap in the Andromeda galaxy, Sonny Vellera was living the good life, ferrying tourists, smuggling cigarettes, and entertaining party girls. But when his daughter fell ill, the sole cure came from spirits of the ancients, who only helped the "pure of heart."
“Final Contact” by Al Onia ~ First contact with an alien species will be difficult and dangerous. Final contact may impart even more danger to a species' psyche.
“Unity” by Thomas Olbert ~ The United Milky Way Galaxy is linked with two other united galaxies through a transdimensional space portal. When militant secessionists destroy the Universe Gate, loyalists in the Milky Way are cut off from the rest of the Intergalactic Confederation.“WarLight” by Sidney Blaylock, Jr. ~ What if your planet was destroyed by a Hypernova and remnants of your civilization were housed in a fleet just barely able to stay ahead of the ever advancing storm of light? Would you simply give up and wait for the end or would you fight on, against all odds?
“Forecasts” by Bridges DelPonte ~ When five billion people unexpectedly die in an instant, who could ever predict what they’d leave behind in the universe? The Event triggered bizarre storms of random passions that repeatedly scorch a desolate research outpost, an unexpected lifeboat for survivors stranded without a home planet.
“Mountain Screamers” by Doug C Souza ~ Billy Thain spends his summer break with his grandmother transporting cougars on an interstellar vessel.They must gather the elusive animals, keep them safe during the trip, and then place them on a “preservation planet.” But something’s not right, and it’ll take quick thinking to make sure his grandmother’s dream doesn’t end in disaster.
“Space Opera” by Amos Parker ~ A courageous crew follows their colorfully outrageous captain on a mission of rebellion, danger, and discovery. This irreverent parody will appeal to fans o

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