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Indigo Marshmallow

590 pages9 hours


Stéphane de Castille, the chairman and owner of Indigo, France’s top online retail company, summons four of its top directors to a celebratory boardroom meeting. They never make it. Imprisoned and kept in separate cells without any notion of time, they’re mentally tortured and physically tormented until they write detailed confessions about the events leading to the present day. Beneath the thin veneer of their seemingly conventional lives, each one of them has a sombre, hidden past. Their secret journeys are intertwined and marked by a multitude of skeletons. Their individual tales unravel the sordid underworld world of sexual deviances, international Dark Web based fentanyl smuggling, paedophile activities within the French Catholic Church, betrayal and murder. They all portray the duality of human nature and the current, pitiful state of crisis-ridden France.
The story is based in present day France, in and around Paris. The plot and its main characters take the reader to Thailand, Cambodia and London during the late ‘70s.
Insolent, sanguine humour often takes the narrative into the uncharted waters of non-PC, detailing the convoluted and perverse reality as well as moral and financial corruption of the reigning, power hungry corporate and political elites of the crepuscular 5th Republic ahead of May 2017 presidential elections.
Frequent societal, cultural and political references provide a fertile background for the criminal adventures of the six principal protagonists and heighten the inherent feeling of deliciously twisted déjà vu. Flashes of today permeate the story, provoking and urging the reader to read until the very end.

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