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Golden Ratio in the Quran

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This e Book introduces Golden Ratio in the Quran. I have added the bonus chapters on Introduction, Definition and Creations on Golden Ratio. The City of Mecca and Kaaba which the Muslims uses as a Direction for Prayers is situated on the Golden Ratio Zone. You only require simple Golden Ratio Formula and Data such as distances from North to South Pole from Mecca, Likewise West and East from Mecca. Or you can count latitude lines from north to the south and longitude lines from east and west through Mecca and use the Golden Ratio Formula to find the The Golden Number. We get the same results when we calculate either widthwise or lengthwise.
This eBook is not a book of Math but it’s a reminder to myself and my fellow human beings that Islam, Quran, and Prophet Mohamed is true and this is only one testimony out of many which will testify against us on the day of judgment if we don’t take heed of the message and the final version (Quran) brought by the messenger and prophet Mohamed.

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