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The Stone Collector

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Billy Joe Willis had spent most of his young life trying to find the normality others seemed to enjoy. Being a Native American raised in a Catholic orphanage did little to help the young Shoshone in that direction. Upon his eighteenth birthday, however, he found a place to fit in- The United States Army. And then came Vietnam.

But this young man never knew ‘normality’ could have so many faces. After a serious wound left him dependent on a pain killer, he turned to Lin Son, the girl he fell in love with at Camp Holloway. With the Son family’s help, the addiction was overcome. But the Viet Kong were a more deadly threat. The raids on Lin’s little fishing village claimed her, her grandfather, and several of the other villagers.

BJ’s wound earned him an honorable discharge enabling him to return to Tipton County, Tennessee and purchase an old country home. Working feverishly, he was finally able to send for Lin’s parents. With them, however, came another--one that could not be seen, An Son.
Being a Shaman, An Son had the power to move between the world of the dead and the one BJ lived in. Saving and helping lost souls to move on was the grandfather’s business now, but he needed help, one who was living. Little did BJ know that he was about to fight again. But this time, the enemy was much more powerful than the Communists.

War and Horror and Home tangle into a chilling tale in THE STONE COLLECTOR by M. R. Williamson. From Pro Se Productions.

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