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Unlocking Gods Divine Favor

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He was rejected by the family because of his faith, denied food, clothing,and family benefits. Then a day came when this unknown man stopped him on the way."I like the way you greet each time you pass here," the stranger reported.Something inside me says I should help you - what do you do? Nothing was the reply.Can you do supplies? I have no money was the response. You do not need money. Just source and get a company to supply this and that to our company and that is all and you will be paid. That was how this brother without certificate became rich and certified, without qualification became very rich and qualified. This is just divine favor
This highly inspirational book, Unlocking God’s Divine Favor (Covenant Right Series, Book 3) is a page turner. It is rich in revelations that will help Christians who want to live victorious Christian life and enjoy their covenant rights as God ordained it.This book will open your eyes to deep truths about God's promises of divine favor and mercies available to you as revealed. Reading this book regularly will help activate your faith to believe God, provoke the release of divine favor and claim your Abrahamic covenant rights in Christ. Get a copy today and also introduce it to your friends, families and others.

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