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Not So Famous Stories

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Each of the stories have their own tone and setting. "Lola's Love" is a story about Henry, a slave who is trying to run for freedom. It's set in the middle of the action. He gets caught up between slave catchers who are hunting him for his bounty. In this story readers will find out that not everything works out as planned.
In "Easy Target" Linda finds herself tied up in a chair. When she finds out who held her captive she knows she's in for it. In this story readers will find that people will do anything to protect their family. Will Linda make it out alive or will she end up going missing. This story is a dark thriller that will have readers biting their nails turning the pages slowly.
In "Light Blue Box" you get a look into the eyes of a young child who's reacting to death. The story starts off in a limousine. Tommy the main character doses off, but listens to his aunts and uncles tell adventurous stories about his grandpa. In this story readers get an idea of what death is like in the eyes of a child and how they cope with it. Readers feel a sense of realism and heartache.

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