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A Perfect Christmas

A Perfect Christmas

A Perfect Christmas

81 pages
1 hour
Dec 2, 2016


Come to the Scottish Highlands for a little holiday romance.

Skye Foster heads off to a remote village for Christmas, hoping to find some peace and quiet. However, she didn't count on crossing paths with Callum McIntyre, the man who broke her heart ten years ago. Even worse, now she's snowed in with him at his cottage…trapped. Will she be able to resist his charms…and does she really want to?

Callum never expected to run into the woman whose heart he once broke. She's still as gorgeous and stubborn as ever. He let her go once, and he won't make the same mistake again. But he knows it will be extremely difficult to convince her to give him another chance.

Content Warning: contains adult language and explicit sex

Note: This book has been previously published.

Dec 2, 2016

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Book Preview

A Perfect Christmas - Dilys J. Carnie

Chapter 1

Skye Foster shut her eyes for a moment before she opened them and stared at the dashboard in front of her. What are you playing at, Rosie? We’re miles away from anywhere with the snow falling heavier by the minute. You can’t have a sulk now. I promise when I called you a heap of old junk a mile back I didn’t mean it.

Skye’s ancient Volkswagen Polo had seen better days, but not a cough or a splutter had come from her before she’d died. Skye couldn’t help but think her car was being smug, teaching her a lesson for besmirching her reputation by calling her old. Now Skye sat fuming as her car refused to start as the snow fell around her.

Great, just great.

She peered out through the misty window and groaned. All she could see were miles and miles of white landscape. Not another soul or car in sight. The conditions were worsening by the moment. The wipers had stopped struggling with the load of flakes that had flurried onto the windscreen, helped along by the now heavily gusting winds.

It would be dark soon, and she knew she couldn’t stay in the car. She’d very likely freeze to death. Skye reached onto the dashboard where the address to Ivy Cottage was stuck with an old blob of blue tack. She realized she must have taken a wrong turn at some point because she should have arrived at the cottage by now.

The perfect place for peace and quiet at Christmas time…that’s what the advert had said. She’d thought why not, it beat spending Christmas alone in her flat. Her friend Ginny had wanted her to go home with her for the festive period, but Skye had needed some time to herself. As an estate agent she worked long, hard hours, and she was looking forward to these few days off.

She’d left Edinburgh early in the afternoon. It was only a little over two hours drive to the small village of Kinneff, a picturesque hamlet on the road to Aberdeen. She’d come into the village and taken the turn-off the A92 to the right and traveled down a winding lane, but she’d seen no sign of the cottage.

Skye studied the directions again, frowning slightly. Perhaps she should double back and seek directions from a shop that was situated on the roadside. Looking around, she couldn’t see much as it was snowing heavily. Surely the cottage couldn’t be that far now, the only thing to do was get out and walk to it. She ignored the fear that perhaps she’d taken a wrong turn.

Skye sighed deeply. Turning in her seat, she reached into the back of her car for her bag and her raincoat. She had forgotten to pack wellies, but thankfully she’d had the foresight to pack a torch because it was almost dark now.

She had only lived in Scotland for twelve months, but she’d quickly realized that carrying emergency supplies at this time of year was a must when staying in a place where the weather changed so dramatically. In London they were lucky if they ever saw snow.

Tugging at the lever beneath her, she set her seat back, giving her just enough room to shrug into her coat. Taking the hat from the passenger seat, she pulled it down over her hair, put her gloves on, and opened the door.

Stepping out, she immediately sank in cold, wet snow to her ankles. Oh hell…this is not good!

Her suitcase would have to stay in the boot. At least she had a few necessities in her backpack. No food or tea, but that wasn’t the end of the world. She stuffed the directions into her pocket and locked the car door, squaring her shoulders before she gave Rosie a swift kick on the tire.

The cold was biting as the wind blew the snow into her face. Just her luck to be stuck the day before Christmas Eve in a snowstorm, lost, fed up, and completely frozen from the inside out.

Skye’s year-long stay in Scotland had been a healing period for her. After losing her mother in a car accident Skye couldn’t bear to stay in the place where she’d grown up.

Her mum had been a very astute businesswoman with three very successful property shops. Skye now ran them from her base in Edinburgh. She had decided that she wanted to move from London; she needed a change, and she’d always liked Scotland.

Memories...and then another unbidden recollection filled her mind.

Skye had been twenty-one when she’d fallen in love with Callum McIntyre. He’d been at university studying law, three years older than her. Her first lover, mature and exciting, had taken their friendship to a climax—literally—one sunny afternoon beneath an old oak tree. He’d been sweet and kind, so gentle, but with a passion she’d never forgotten.

The familiar welling of tears threatened to surface and she gritted her teeth determinedly.

Why the hell was she going over that now? It had been ten years ago, and it had broken Skye’s heart to leave, but Callum McIntyre had never been far from her thoughts. Foolishly, she’d believed they had a future and it had been the best two weeks of her life until he had left her.

Her naïvety had hit her straight in the gut. He hadn’t cared for her; it had obviously been a way to pass some time for him. Once he’d gotten what he wanted from Skye, he’d moved away without any hesitation at all.

The memories of those few weeks still had the power to send a shooting pain through her chest. The sound of his laughter, the way the wind blew his long bangs over his eyes, the feeling of his strong arm

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