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Mistletoe Magic

Mistletoe Magic

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Mistletoe Magic

76 pages
53 minutes
Dec 2, 2016


This year Santa is going to bring out her wild side…

After surviving a serious illness Holly Berry is grateful to be alive, so she has a new bucket list. No more nice girl. This year her wish for Santa is sure to put her on the naughty list.

Noah Miller volunteers to plays Santa Claus at Snowdrop House where Holly's parents take in children who need temporary care. He's surprised to find a very grown-up Holly sitting on his knee. He's known her for years, but the sexy words she whispers in his ear has him raising his eyebrows. However, he's more than willing to accommodate her.

Noah would have never guessed that a Santa costume and twenty-four hours would make such a difference to his Christmas. Will this sexy little bundle of fun who rocks his world change his future too?

Content Warning: contains adult language and explicit sex

Note: This book has been previously published.

Dec 2, 2016

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Book Preview

Mistletoe Magic - Dilys J. Carnie

Chapter 1

It’s Santa, little Lucy Evans shouted with a squeal of delight.

Holly stood back and watched the children shriek as the jolly man in the red suit walked into the room. All ten children vying for his attention gathered around Santa before he even had a chance to sit down.

Usually old Mr. Miller of Miller Construction played the part, bringing gifts that Holly chose from the children’s lists. He always paid for it all, which was a big help. Her parents had provided this safe haven for as far back as she could remember for children that needed somewhere to go for a short time, or long time, depending on the circumstances. They received limited funding from the council for children’s welfare, so they were always grateful for any extra help.

But this year poor Mr. Miller was unwell, so his eldest son had come home for the holidays. Apparently, he was taking over the family business and merging it with his own London company.

Holly shivered with anticipation as Noah Miller entered the room. Even more when she heard his ho ho ho. He was the only man who had ever been able to send a surge of heat pooling low in her belly.

Even the assistants who helped her with the children stopped what they were doing when he came into the room. How was it that he still managed to exude so much sex appeal even wearing a fluffy, white beard and wire-framed glasses? He had always been able to attract most of the female population with just a glance, with his easygoing personality and charm. Like bees to a honey pot.

Holly sighed; it had been an awful year, and she was glad it would soon be over. She’d made a bucket list while recovering from her illness. There had been plenty of time to think about her life and what she really wanted.

At the ripe old age of twenty-eight, at the top of her list was a man to give her just one hot night of passion. Like in the romance books she downloaded onto her e-reader on a weekly basis. However, she had yet to find anyone who even came close. All the happily ever afters were making her think about her own life, Holly wanted just one night…

She’d fantasized about Noah since they’d been in school. He’d been two years ahead of her, and there always seemed to have been an entourage of girls around him. He was always kind to her, and a smile from him would set her up for the day. With a name like Holly Berry she’d been teased mercilessly, all in good fun, but Noah…well, Noah had stuck up for her whenever he was around.

But now she wanted more than a smile. After twelve months of being single, not dating or going out, Holly was ready to dip her toes into a pool of passion.

He had a love ’em and leave ’em reputation around the village, but that didn’t deter Holly. She craved the real thing; she wanted to feel that solid body naked next to hers. Not usually forward in such things, her thoughts surprised her.

But the few times when Noah had come home to visit his parents, and she’d thought that maybe he was interested, he had done nothing about it. He’d only stayed around long enough to help out while his father’s construction firm had added an extension to her parents’ already-bursting-at-the-seams house.

The vibes he’d given off left her confident that he might be keen to fulfill her Christmas wish. Just one night was all she needed to get him out of her mind, and then she could get on with her life.

An added flash of heat prickled along her skin, dappling across her breasts, leaving her nipples tight beneath the thin silk of her bra. When he’d been there in the summer helping with the building, it had been hot, and not just because he’d taken off his t-shirt to help with the manual work. That was the thing with Noah—he had a lot of money, but it never stopped him from pitching in and doing the same work as everyone else.

Holly bit her lip as her attention was brought back to the front of the room. All the children were sitting up front, and she took photographs with her camera as they received their Christmas gifts. The delight on their faces when they realized they’d gotten one of the toys on their list was wonderful.

Holly was glad to be there to snap the occasion so each child would be able to have a memento of their time there. It would be placed in the scrapbooks she’d compiled for each child that stayed with them, giving them something to have, something to remember. A lot of these kids had no memories, and those they might have were usually not good ones.

One of the newest boys to come to them, little Harvey Jones, stuck to her side like glue. He was still trying to settle in after his doped-up mother had taken off somewhere, leaving him alone. There had been no sign of her for three months. It made Holly so mad. Why did people have children if they were not going to be responsible enough to look after them?

He was only a baby—four years old—and he broke her heart. Holly laid her hand on the top of his head, and

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