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Reva's Quest: A Magical Journey

Reva's Quest: A Magical Journey

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Reva's Quest: A Magical Journey

102 pages
1 hour
Dec 2, 2016


Reva, her garden gnome, two elves and a griffin travel across the magical land of Fey to destroy the evil, Malice, but can she trust her travelling companions? Malice's evil has turned many of the animals to evil, and these beasts try to stop them reaching their goal. If Reva reaches Malice, will she be able to rid Fey of his evil?

Dec 2, 2016

About the author

Sue Perkins grew up in Devon, England and emigrated to New Zealand with her family. Sue and her husband live at the top of New Zealand’s South Island. Her interests include writing, reading, genealogy and aqua jogging. Sue’s first romance novel was released in May 2007, quickly followed by a fantasy trilogy, more romance books, young adult and middle grade novels. Visit Sue Perkins webpage to discover more of Sue’s books, including her fantasy romance novels and middle grade level fantasy books. Her aim is to write a full length epic fantasy novel. The outline is complete, and Sue hopes to finish it by the end of 2018.

Book Preview

Reva's Quest - Sue Perkins



For my grandson Clinton.

May he develop a joy of

reading as he grows older.


Thanks to my husband for supporting me as an author

and also Joan who taught me the way.

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REVA RAISED HER ARMS, rolled her shoulders, and relaxed.

Now the dreaded homework’s done, I can work on my book. If I get this chapter finished tonight, I can do another one before Monday.

Settled on the bed with her laptop open on her knees, excitement bubbled. The Magic Land of Fey file opened on the screen. Reading the first sentence brought a smile to her lips. Did these words really come from inside her?

In the land of Fey, magic happened every day. Unicorns and elves lived in harmony. Wise wizards ruled the land, and white witches kept the population healthy.

Reva smiled dreamily, her imagination bringing Fey to life. Elves clambered through the branches of tall leafy trees, unicorns drank at crystal clear pools, and wizards smiled benevolently at the happy world surrounding them.

A fierce storm threatening the elves raged in her mind. The magicians were everywhere, weaving spells to divert the thunderheads. Fingers flew over the keys as the story unfolded on the laptop. Two hours later, her finger hit the last full stop at the end of the chapter.

Time for a break. Her stomach growled in agreement. She wandered down the hallway to the kitchen where her mother greeted her with a welcoming smile.

Your timing’s good. Dinner’s ready.

After the meal, Reva helped her mother clear the table.

You spend far too much time in your room, Mrs Martin scolded as they washed the dishes. You need more fresh air. Try a bit harder to make some friends at school and enjoy life.

Here we go, Reva thought. Try a bit harder, make yourself more likeable–and so on. Why can't Mum understand my classmates ignore any new girl? It happens every time we move.

Weekends should be enjoyed, not spent cooped up in your bedroom. Fifteen-year-olds should be out having fun with their friends.

Reva muttered nobody wanted to be her friend. Her mother dropped the subject. Why couldn't her parents leave her alone? Never mind the girls who didn’t like her, the land of Fey needed her.

Mum, I've got a lot of work to do. Eager to get back to the manuscript, she edged toward the door.

Take a turn around the garden first. Her mother shooed her outside. Go on. Off you go.

Reluctantly Reva went out into the untidy garden. Their house had remained empty for months before the Martin family moved in, and the garden still showed neglect. Tangled creepers intertwined with the lower branches of the trees, the ground below a mass of overgrown weeds. The thorns snatched at her clothes, making her struggle though the undergrowth more difficult. Hopefully Mum will think I’ve gone for a walk.

Within moments, the tangled mess hid the house from view. Plants and trees crowded close welcoming her into their midst. Stumbling, she grabbed the branch of a nearby tree to prevent herself from falling into a scum-covered pond. A garden gnome dangled his fishing rod in the water, but a layer of green slime hid the colour of his clothes.

I didn't know we had a pond. Reva wrinkled her nose at the disgusting water before peering at the sadly neglected ornament. Poor gnome, let's see if I can clean you up a bit.

She took a handkerchief from her pocket and dipped it in the pond, shuddering as the scum parted to reveal tangled plants beneath the surface. A puff of spore-laden air escaped from the weeds on the bank. Reva coughed as it invaded her nose. Breathing shallowly, and working carefully, the gnome's face and hands soon revealed chubby pink concrete skin and rosy red cheeks. Painted blue eyes stared sightlessly at the fishing rod. Another dip to moisten the handkerchief helped her wipe off the rest of his body. Bright yellow trousers, green jacket, and red hat shone through at the finish.

There, that's better. Reva smiled at the painted figure. Now you can see what you're doing. I doubt if you've got much chance of catching anything, but I hope you feel better now you’re clean. I'll pop down tomorrow and wash you properly.

Reva rose from her knees, brushed muddy hands against her thighs, waved to the gnome, and retreated up the garden to the house.

What have you been doing? her mother demanded. You're filthy.

With a look at her dirty hands and mud-caked jeans, Reva grinned ruefully. I’ve been clearing a patch of garden, Mum. Did you know we have a pond down at the bottom? Complete with garden gnome.

Really? I must start tidying things up when I have time. Now you go and have a shower and put some clean clothes on.

I think I'll get ready for bed after the shower. I feel really tired. I can finish my work over the weekend.

Sounds like a good idea. Your father’s on duty tonight. He won't be home until late tomorrow morning, so I might have an early night, too. See you in the morning, darling.

Mrs. Martin gingerly kissed her daughter’s dirt-streaked cheek, and Reva headed for the bathroom. Half an hour later, she sat on her bed in pyjamas with the laptop on her knees.

Where was I? A quick glance over the last few words, a moment’s thought, and Reva dived into the story again. Her fingers flashed over the keys, solving the elves’ latest dilemma.

An hour later, the laptop lid closed with a snap. The storyline dragged. The words sounded boring and repetitive. Even the magical creatures were weak and uninteresting.

Must be because I’m tired. Her body snuggled beneath the duvet and her eyes closed. Tomorrow it will sound better.

Reva fell asleep immediately and dreamed of the land of Fey.

Oh no, what’s happened?

No life remained in Fey. The characters acted like cardboard cut-outs. The trees reminded her of a child's first attempt at making pictures. The elves jerky movements resembled puppets controlled by strings. The unicorns were the worst, instead of magnificent magical animals, they looked like bony horses with false horns stuck on their foreheads. Reva tossed and turned, trying to force reality into the scenes, but her unconscious self didn't have any effect on the dream world of

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