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The Kingdom and the Song

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This is a book about a land far away in a time long forgotten … The dreaded thunder of hoofbeats penetrates deeper and deeper into the forest. Instead of standing up to this wicked cavalry, the forest folk slip away into the shadows. Where are the heroes of old who drove the invaders out? Where is the Lord of the forest? His people have forgotten him – except for a handful who refuse to bend the knee to brutal oppression and who insist on singing the song of their ancestors. Little do they know that those who sing the song will get caught up in a conflict – one in which the stakes go higher and higher, until their very lives are on the line. Everything flies out of control, and all they have left is faith, love and loyalty to one another. If the Lord of the forest himself does not step in personally, all will be lost … It’s a book for kids aged 11 – 99 years old. It’s a book for those who long for a better world, and for those who hope that the real world is far greater than the one we see.

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