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Into the Night

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Dylan Thomas is probably the most famous writer to use the theme of "into the night," telling readers of his famous poem NOT to "Go gentle into that good night..."

What does the night hold? In the newest Top Writers Block collection we offer short fiction and several poems on the theme "Into the Night." What will you find? Some mystery. Maybe some drama. Fond memories. Humor. Even horror. We are sure there is something here to help you through that good night. Give us a try.

In this collection you will find short fiction by Suzy Stewart Dubot, Elizabeth Rowan Keith, and Melissa A. Szydlek. There are several wonderful poems from Barnaby Wilde, Tracey Howard, and Alan Naylor. Remember - Your purchase of this ebook not only supports the creative outlets of independent authors, but also supports charity. Top Writers Block is an international group of writers who continue to donate all of their author proceeds to Sea Shepherd in France, an organization that devotes itself to preserving our seas and oceans and the life within.

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