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The Genuine Jesus: A Channeled Autobiography

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Never before has there been a book with the power to dispel the archaic superstitions of the Bible and replace them with truth, logic and natural law from the Master himself. Received through the mediumship of the Washington, DC lawyer, James E. Padgett by automatic writing this engaging story is now being revealed for every thinking person who has to questions the creeds and doctrines of the Christian churches.

Jesus states he was not born of a virgin, but in the normal way. Nor is he the second part of a supposed trinity or a God to be worshipped. His death on the cross was not to pay a price for sin, but was because of sin – the sin that was in the hearts of the rulers and in some of the people. Jesus is astonished by the absurdity of the doctrine of the vicarious atonement. If it were true that God's plan for the redemption of sin was Jesus’s shed blood and death, then why is it, that those who made the payment of this alleged ransom possible - Judas who betrayed him, the Jews who clamored for his death and Pilate who pronounced sentence - not considered saviors as well even if only in a secondary sense, instead of being thought of as traitors and villains.

“These spirit-inspired scripts offer a fascinating and intriguing alternative view of the life and teachings of Jesus. No one can doubt their sincerity” - Tony Ortzen editor Two Worlds Magazine

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