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Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club: Meet Rachel - Bonus Edition

62 pages55 minutes


Rachel Braxton is an elegant beauty. Long legs, auburn hair and sexy as hell, she is as powerful as she is fascinating. Her and her husband are at the top of their game and it doesn't stop with their home life or careers. Him being on the A-list and her designing clothes for beautiful women can't compare to the erotic escapades and displays at their top posh celebrity sex club in the hills. Rachel and Kyle have a reputation to maintain and have every intention of keeping it.
Episode One takes you inside this exclusive world of extravagant money, power and the erotic life of the club. Rachel and her very special group of close friends are the high-class main event. In their luxurious and limitless lifestyles of fame and money, they strive to maintain their position as an elite group of high-powered and very sexual socialites among other top celebrities and high-powered professionals.

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