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A Beginners Guide to Linux

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This books is directed towards the new Linux user or users, interested in the Operating System. It takes the reader by the hand, from the very first steps. First, the reader will have a look at Linux in general and what it is. He will learn to understand the differences between Linux and Windows, how the file system works and what makes Linux different. Next the user will learn about the different distributions and the book will introduce some of the most common ones with recommendations. The reader will be guided through the usage of a Live Version as well as through the installation.

While reading, the user will then learn more about Linux Desktop Environments, will learn about security and gaming, as well as compatibility for Windows Applications and emulation. Later on, the user will receive information about system maintenance and will go over advanced functions, such as user management and the feared console. One chapter is dedicated to help with most common issues and problems and the user will be shown some trusted links and contact information, where they may get professional help from the community and PC technicians. Finally, the reader will receive some tips and tricks to make every day use of Linux much easier. The user will be introduced to the spirit of Linux and open source and will learn how and where they can get involved, to support Linux.

This book is not meant, to make the user a Linux professional and the book certainly does not cover all of the many advanced features, desktop environments and commands, nor does it discuss every Linux version in detail. More than that, the idea is, to provide the new Linux user with a neutral and solid base of information, that applies to all Linux systems alike. The goal of this book is, to give the user a basic understanding of what Linux is and how it works, so that even a user with no clue about Linux can use and operate and Linux computer on a daily base, performing common every day operations.

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