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Pre Dot Blue Moon

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When making something for the first time, like a Universe, there is always a bit of a mess which is pushed aside until you find time to tidy up. We all know what happens when we put down string without first winding it up, it forms a knotty problem. There we have it, two phenomena contributing to an unwanted outcome. Worse still, it was sentient and wanted a meeting on self-determination with the boss. Life is not easy when the Skuide are involved.
The holistic Sentients’ Charter was signed, sealed, delivered and forgotten. The tendency of new sentients to war with everything, including each other, is now well known. Extinction is the usual outcome but the Skuide stopped, mores the pity, and became self-appointed Charter busybodies.
The Charter’s co-signee, having discovered a wrong end, manages some outlandish odds to...ah... recruit the Skuide. They notice but go along with it anyway. Longevity has its drawbacks and misadventure is more exciting, especially when you make the rules, well guidelines or something approximating to that.
The Skuide, therefore, arrive a thousand years earlier and monitor the current present to ensure they do not significantly alter it. After 999 years Dukiesland is decidedly out of step with its progressively politically correct neighbours and is preparing for a Blue Moon Market. The Dufferish state of Stanniscan is on its ides break, Hoggeralia is back at work and Musolivy is readying for their tug-of war championship. All in all, some happy states of affairs.
The laziest Skuide, Twit, arrives to have another go at planetary ‘life.’ His ‘uncle’ decides to leave him running his cattle farm. Two missing hospital patients and an unknown doctor later, finds Twit roped in as the Chief of Detectives. Why are a doctor and a missing patient persuading a deported Stannish gang to sneak back into Dukiesland?
In Hoggeralia, the newly formed ‘We Find Them Detective Agency’ have been sold a comp-puter at a car boot sale and they have their first case - find Annabella Umbridge who disappeared 20 years ago. They outrun the Hoggeralian secret police and end up in Dukiesland slightly before the borders are closed. Dufferdom has declared war on Dukiesland.
Meanwhile, Dukiesland’s finest watch the Stannish gang and others get into a protected Wilderness zone. Twit’s team then rescues some innocent detectives caught up in the turf war. The on the spot pre-trial hearings bring the Stannish flower power gang and their co-conspirators to account, along with a cavalcade of Hoggeralian tiddly tea smugglers. The formal trials begin with the silicate defence counsel finding excuses for everything. The extra-universal Skuide return and intervene to demand justice. The guilty do their CRAP (Convict Rapid Ageing Process) time before being invited to the Blue Moon Market.
The Market is in full swing as Twit finally understands the other missing patient. Fate ensures Annabella is reunited with her parents. Prop marries Daisy as her bud ring flowers.
Has anything changed? Gabriel Galesac’s life has. Is that significant?

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