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Come With Me

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Tao couldn’t get that moment out of her thoughts. She was so lost and afraid when she stood on Master’s doorstep. She was drenched from the rain, she still could feel the coolness of it on her skin. It took her a moment to gather the courage to ring the doorbell. After she had, it seemed like an eternity before the door opened. And there he was standing there before her.
He smiled and reached out his hand and simply said, “Come with me, girl.”
He knew what she wanted to ask before she could say the words. Master Drake couldn’t have told him she was coming because she didn’t tell him she was coming here. Yet, Master Mato was letting her know it would be alright with those four words and that warm smile of his.
“Come with me, girl.” How could those four simple words change everything?

Master Mato couldn’t believe Tao chose him over Master Drake. After all Drake was the paragon of Masterhood. Yet, there she was standing on his doorstep looking so vulnerable. She wanted to be his and he was going to do everything he could to deserve the honor of being her Master.

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