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Cuckold at Sea

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Everything is better in the salt air. So I talked my husband Freddy into taking me on a Caribbean cruise to the Cayman Islands. He doesn't get excited easily, but knowing I'm banging other men, seeing it, turns him on. I'm thinking that if he's tied up and has to see me have hard and hot unprotected sex with several guys, it might give him the wonderfully nasty ideas I need him to have.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

"We are going to take a Caribbean cruise," I told him.

Freddy stared at me blankly. A lot of what I tell my husband results in a blank stare. When you aren't talking business, he loses the thread easily. "We are?"

"You promised me we could take some time off when you got the contract, and that's what I want. I've picked it out." And I had. I'd read about it in a magazine. I'd already booked a Caribbean cruise leaving Miami for the Cayman Islands and looked forward to days of sun and fun. We'd have perpetual room service, hot guys around the ship's pool, and Freddy wouldn't be able to escape to work. It sounded perfect for me. How Freddy reacted remained to be seen. But I had things in mind for him.

As I expected, Freddy was reluctant but willing. I've gotten him trained in that respect. He's learned that doing what I tell him can lead to interesting times. Also, I let him know, in no uncertain terms, that I wanted this a lot. I wanted it enough that I'd made the reservations and would do all the planning and packing for both of us. All he had to do was arrange for time off from work.

"You'll be glad you did." I knew he would. I intended to make it a cruise to remember, just as I'd turned some of my other fantasies into moments Freddy would remember.

I bought top-of-the-line tickets. What was Freddy's money good for if not to make life comfortable? When we got off the plane in Miami and the cruise line had a driver waiting to take us to the dock.

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