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The Empowering Process: Daily Mindful Questions to Add Value, Gain Clarity, and Increase Results in Your Life Right Now

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How would you choose to change your life if you knew you could make it happen with ease? What would you do if you had the capability to make what you desire most an actual reality? Think carefully because you do have that much power when you are very specific and very clear. The key is how you ask for what you want. Tony Robbins states that:
•“Quality questions create a quality life.”
•“Questions provide the key to unlocking our unlimited potential.”
What exactly is a quality question? This is a question asked that empowers you to be aware of opportunities where you can take action. An empowering question asks who, what or how; it is stated in the positive, moving toward a goal rather than away from a problem; and it is stated in the action of the present tense, today rather than tomorrow. Being specific in how you construct your question determines its outcome.
How does this work? One of my clients was looking to learn Reiki but did not have the financial resources for training. We constructed the perfect questions and had them posted around the house. She asked before bedtime and in the morning. She asked as she walked through every doorway. She asked before she sat down to eat. Within a week, while at the register in the pet store she frequented, she mentioned her goal. The person serving her told her that she actually ran a “Reiki Circle” and would love to welcome my client to join and would teach her for free.
BAM! Done. This type of manifestation happens when you open up to the potential of what is already available to you but you are not yet sending the right question out there. In essence, you are not looking for the answer.
The Empowering Process is a collection of empowering questions I have written for my clients, for my training programs, and for myself. Read one each day, find one that resonates for you, use these and learn how to make your own and watch your world magically change before your very eyes. What else can you do to formulate the right question that will unlock your potential right now?

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