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Equilibrium: Wounded Ripples, #3

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Equilibrium – A message of Hope. As the ripples begin to subside, the water’s surface would return to its state of equilibrium. Likewise, this last chapter of the Wounded Ripples short story series, would take readers back to the unfortunate incident; the day that caused the ripples.

As time moves in parallel, ripples are sometimes felt across different “pieces” of time, like a slideshow hung together on a string. Each slide is a piece of time and the string is the life’s path. Strings of time in a person’s life criss-cross each other. Fate determines which string it crosses and around which piece of time. And sometimes ripples in a piece of time cause vibrations along its string. Other strings criss-crossing nearby may feel this vibration. Depending on which piece of time it crosses, ripples can be reminders to other strings of past tragedies that teach us certain lessons on how we conduct ourselves along our string.

These vibrations caused by the ripples may sometimes be identified as “ghosts” or “hauntings”, but they are not necessarily evil as the words usually imply. Regardless of the length of each string, each piece of time hung along the string continues on in a loop, like watching a short video clip that kept repeating itself, until one day it is taken off by the divine.

Painful as it is when we lose loved ones in a tragedy, it would be favourable to fill our hearts with the thought that their spirits would live on in a beautiful piece where time is filled with only beautiful moments; where the suffering and the tragedy was left behind and “life”, for them, is at the Equilibrium. 

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