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Haunted: Houses: Haunted

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500 pages of spooky haunted house stories from 12 authors!

What happens when the place in which you’re meant to feel the safest turns against you? Where do you go when the world inside your four walls is scarier than the world outside?

Get ready to find out!

From the authors who brought you HAUNTED: GHOST CHILDREN comes a spine-tingling assortment of haunted house tales.

Join 12 authors as they lead you down dark hallways through spooky houses where you’ll be caught frozen in a maze of terror.

Travel to an old farmhouse in New Hampshire where a single woman encounters unspeakable terror.

Help Sidney unravel the mystery of his quiet suburban street…before the mystery unravels him.

Spend the night in the spooky old estate with Claire as she attempts to come to terms with a gift she might not want.

Journey to New Hampshire where a middle-aged woman slowly realizes she’s not the only person living in her country estate-and that someone might even be trying to kill her!

Over the course of 12 short stories and novellas you’ll be treated to dark, twisted hallways, scary old houses, and sinister spirits who have never quite moved on from the houses they lived (and died) in.

So sit back, wrap up in your favorite blanket, grab a drink, and turn down the lights.

Houses can’t really be bad…can they?

Featuring12 gloriously spooky storiesfrom:

Rebecca Patrick-Howard: Sarah (A Taryn’s Camera Short) Shannon Eckrich: The Promise (A Haunting Lia Prequel) K.R. Thompson: The Curse of Everson House Kolin Gates: 8250 Woodcrest Lane A.P. Killian: Through the Doorway Terrie McClay: Evergreen: The Awakening Peter Howard: The Play House L. Sydney Fisher: The Haunted Prophecy of Natalie Bradford Paul Summerhayes: The Shadow Over Number 9 Debra Barton: The Haunting of Morton House Heather Marie Adkins: Number 13 Rebecca J Powell:The Ghosts of Past Are Present

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