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Winter's Icy Heart: The Changing of the Seasons Collection, #1

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Winter Stratton convinces herself that love is like lightning and it only strikes once. She had the love of her life and lost him. Yet, even when she feels nothing romantic for the friend who helped her through hard times, a sense of obligation presses upon her to give him a chance. Winter didn't expect her 'friend turned lover' might just be the death of her.  

When Cord Kesso decides to step in and rescue Winter and her daughter from what looks like a bad situation during a snow storm, he feels an instant attraction to the pixie of a woman. Offering her a place to wait out the storm through the holidays is the gentlemanly thing to do. If they connect on a deeper level, even better. When Cord sees something he wants, he goes all in. Fighting Winter's doubts is one thing. Fighting for their lives…a whole other thing entirely.

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