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Compliments of the Chef

289 pages4 hours


Andrew Donovan is a monster.

Four nearly identical women—creatively mutilated and, while still alive, artfully rearranged like exquisite puzzles. Donovan has the brains and charm of Ted Bundy with the expertise of a surgeon.

And he's got everyone fooled. Everyone except Rebecca Black.

She knows he killed her sister and Rebecca is willing to risk his sadism to get justice. She also knows the type of woman he preys upon and is able to play his perfect victim.

As a gourmet chef, Rebecca is no stranger to sharp objects and she has every intention of using her skills to serve up an icy cold dish of revenge.

Transforming herself into the image of her murdered sister, she becomes a honey trap that he cannot resist. But the longer she spends in Donovan's company, the more questions she has. New suspects arise and a peculiar series of events throw her certainty into doubt. Is his charm blinding her, or could she actually be wrong about him? When another victim is discovered Rebecca realizes she is running out of time to make the most important decision of her life.

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