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Aptavani-7 (In Gujarati)

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The presented book, called Aptavani 7, is a compilation of Dadashri’s discussion and answers to questions about day-to-day life. Gnani Purush (the enlightened one) views simple incidences of life with great vision and understanding.
Such incidences will give the informed reader a new vision and entirely new thought process in their routine life. The topics discussed here are some of the common ones which unsettle most of us such as- jagruti (alertness) in life, handling money, how to remain peaceful in conflicting situations, conquer boredom, freedom from worries, how to overcome fear, restlessness, complaints, what happens during our last minutes of life- nearing death, anger-clashes (klesh), how to remain your calm during worst ailments, causes of merit and demerit karma (paap-puniya), tackling regular problems faced in office/ business, and many such regular difficulties faced in life.
Compiled in this book are the presentations of the heart touching speech of the Gnani Purush; wherein some of these incidents are published in detail, so that it is helpful to every well informed reader in opening up new links to the understanding of a new vision and new direction; and that is our heartfelt intention.

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