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Decker's War



The dream of a stable, democratic human Commonwealth has been dying for years. Politicians, financiers, and spies vie for supremacy, power, and wealth in pursuit of a nightmarish vision that can have only one outcome, the creation of a repressive interstellar empire. All that stands between them and their goal is a small band of determined Fleet operatives working in the shadows. Drawn into the struggle against his will, former Marine Pathfinder Zack Decker soon realizes he must choose sides and join those fighting off the growing darkness, but at great personal cost.  However, try as they might, the double-crossing humans, deadly aliens, cruel pirates, and merciless slavers he must battle cannot keep Decker from extracting his revenge, especially after his beloved Corps recalls him to active duty as a Marine. He takes no prisoners and pulls no punches because his growing list of enemies has forced him to accept that this is also Decker's War. And it is a fight to the death. Unfortunately for his foes, they always seem to forget that he is still one of the Few...

This omnibus edition includes the first three Decker's War novels which have been published separately.  They are
Death Comes But Once (Decker's War Book 1)
Cold Comfort (Decker's War Book 2)
Fatal Blade (Decker's War Book 3)

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