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Getting Rid of the Macons

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The rowdy spirit of the Old West is still alive and kicking! Getting Rid of the Macons is a clash of cultures, a humorous, raucous, and touching tale.
Acceding to her father's wishes that she become the fifth generation O'Neil to farm the family' land, Ellie O'Neil Lawrence and husband Joe, both school teachers with zero farming experience, move from Albuquerque, New Mexico, to a very rural farm in Northeastern Oregon. Upon their arrival they find that things are not close to what they had envisioned. Their house, built in the 1860's, appears to be much the same as it was back then. From the viewpoint of Joe, seeing it for the first time, "the smoke rising quietly from the chimney might just as well have been that of the original dweller."
Unfortunately for the Lawrence's, that smoke comes from the former renters, the Macons, who are still in residence. They include an old couple, the woman appearing very ill, a granddaughter, two step grandsons, chickens, goats, a horse, and a pregnant pig! They have no intention of going anywhere, at least not until they're good and ready!
Joe's first inclination is to immediately throw them all out but Ellie urges a bit of patience and compassion. The Macons are a family of hard knocks, a tough and sinewy bunch, well suited to the rough and rudimentary ways of rural Oregon. When the Lawrence's develop strategies to get rid of them, they soon find that moving amongst the Macons is like working in quicksand, the more that you move the deeper into trouble you sink.
There are other Macons living in the area but none willing to take in their relatives. As more of them come into the picture, unpredictable, crazy things begin to happen. A Macon' conspiracy? That's what Joe decides and his efforts to be rid of them take on a different tact.

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