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Affairs With The Dead

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Their six years relationship was about to be celebrated at the Altar when the Commander-in-Chief called up the General to battle. It was a painful decision to have the wedding postponed but he had no option. The excessively beautiful Juliet wept for the postponement but later agreed to wait for the General this third time. She never knew the war would be longer than six months. So she turned the other way when she couldn't wait and just a year into the five years war, she became the Queen of the Major. General Willie came back from the war front and got devastated by the sad news that his beloved darling has been wedded four years earlier. Then he vowed to have Juliet back to his life. In the war that followed, the General's life was terminated in a controversial manner. Then Juliet is faced with the real war of her life in her affairs with the dead.

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