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How to Care for a Lady

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"Exhilarating! Love, passion, and a second chance for a happily ever after!"
-Ava Stone, USA Today Best Selling Author

Hannah, Lady Beeston, can’t say she’s sorry that her husband is dead. The past ten years have been anything but blissful, and seeing as they culminated into her being shot (albeit accidentally), she just can’t find it in her heart to be sad. But it leaves her with a bad leg and an uncertain future—two things she isn’t sure she can get past.

Dr. Graham Alcott is more than happy with his quiet bachelor lifestyle. He spends his days tending to the sick and his nights studying by candlelight. That is, until his colleague asks him to take on one very important patient.

Life as they know it is about to change for the better, but will forces beyond their control keep them from fulfilling their true destiny?

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