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The major demon Lord Asbaritch had only loved one woman in the eons that he had served Lord Lucifer, now he had lost her because of Rob Hinds and his friend David Pritchard, but the demon wanted her back. To this end he enticed a far off alien race to come to Earth, they were called the Harvesters by the worlds who had been visited by them. The reason for the name was that they ate the brains and drunk the blood of the inhabitants of these worlds, but always leaving behind enough breeding stock to ensure that they could gather a harvest when the population had recovered. Earth seemed to be just another such world, so a reconnaissance craft was despatched to check it out.
One person could stop Lord Asbaritch from achieving his aim, that person was Rob Hinds, a government agent who was having an easier time for a change, the only problems were of the terrorist variety, not the Satanic kind which had plagued his recent years. Rob and his wife now had two very young children, and everything seemed idyllic, and then the Harvesters arrived, and while Rob and the authorities of England were busy attempting to catch them, Lord Asbaritch was busy visiting his beloved in her dreams as he attempted to kick start her lost memory and entice her back to her old life as a Satanist

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