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Vociferation: Resonance Trilogy, #2

128 pages1 hour


Kitra and Bayn’s arrival in Erstwynd goes without a hitch. Through the city-state’s dress of snow and ice, they carve out a life for themselves different from the technological one they left in Favil. But this peace is short-lived; old fears come running back, and they find themselves in Madame Hilda’s crosshairs once more.

Favil’s leader changes the course of her city-state when she realizes that a group of recruits can be used as expendable forces. While carrying out the missions given to them, Linnear and Hilsur find themselves at moralistic odds. Chetra is driven by her own goals.

The divide between the Inyan threatens to tear the survivors apart, with no reconciliation in sight. 

An unforeseen convergence leads to the beginning of war, and Neuria’s fate hangs in the balance.

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