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Rattle His Cage: The Baxter Boys ~ Rattled, #4

377 pages5 hours


Twelve years Dylan White has waited.

Twelve years since his family was yanked away.

Twelve years of being alone—except for the friends he met at Baxter, who are now his family.

His brother, Noah, has disappeared.

His sister, Nina, just turned eighteen, but he has no way to find her.

Mary Robins wears her heart on her sleeve.

And it's tattooed on her chest—the dog tags of the man she worshiped, surrounded by beautiful ribbons.

Her only purpose in life is to take care of those who are in need. Heal the broken and comfort that wounded—the very reason she's becoming a nurse.

Except, she's never allowed anyone to take care of her. Not in a very long time.

No one has wanted to take care of her until she meets Dylan and the Baxter boys.  They're a weird bunch – fiercely loyal and… hers. 

Dylan is searching for something, and so is Mary.  Searching for family, searching for friendships, and searching for love.  Can they find what they so desperately need in each other?

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