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Project Apex: The Project Apex Trilogy, #1

300 pages8 hours


'This could possibly be the best story I read in all of 2015! This is horror and thriller at its best. '

'I would give this book more than five stars if I could, it was a good take on post apocalyptic fiction. I'm not a big fan of this genre but this book was amazing. '

'Wow! What a wicked read. I was totally kidnapped by this book and it would not let me go until I read the very last.word.'

'Mind blowing! I don't know where to begin. My hats go off to author Michael Bray and Project Apex. Brilliantly written, this story seems to come alive on it's own. I finished in two days, only because I had to sleep.'

When an unprecedented global scale attack plunges the world into chaos and threatens to eradicate the human race from existence, former scientist Richard Draven is tasked with finding a way to restore order. With governments in chaos and violence rampant in the streets, a gruelling tale of survival and the strength of humanity in all corners of the globe is about to unfold as a man known only as Joshua strengthens his grip on a world close to ruin. 

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