An uncontrolled murder-spree across the state of Texas arises when a recently fi red mechanic,Vladimir Xyaklin, is challenged with mind-splitting schizophrenia. Vladimir fi nds himself piecing hischildhood into his diagnosis. Looking for a lift from his loneliness, Vladimir takes in a miniatureschnauzer wandering his yard. Self-pity embraces him as he discovers the only one he could talk towas incapable of speech. Blaming his mother’s abandonment for his father’s brutal suicide, hatredslowly devours Vladimir’s sanity. Vladimir fi nds himself among the Most Wanted list of Texas forcrimes he doesn’t recall committing. Punished for the evil that lurks inside him, Vladimir believes hisnext move is the only option to end the misery fate designed him. Is this the end of the death toll, orhas it just sparked the start of more horrendous actions?
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ISBN: 9781453510568
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