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Sinbad's Last Voyage

382 pages5 hours


Once more, Earth is at war...and this conflict also affects both the innocent and the guilty, sending Andrea Talltress to Old Town, seeking the help of part-feline smuggler Sinbad sh’en Singh in finding her husband Tran, an accused spy.
What she gets instead is exposure to a way of life completely unknown to the naïve Navajo, a clash of personalities and cultures, plus a heavy dose of instant attraction building to unexpectedly passionate love denied by either of them.

Encountering old friends and one very deadly old enemy with a score to settle, Sinbad takes Andi halfway across the galaxy, uncovering a secret which may shatter the war-torn Federation as well as their own lives.

When all’s said and done, Andi and Sin will acknowledge that the duration of love is unimportant...its existence is what matters.

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