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Royal Duties - Box Set: Royal Duties

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His mother, the Queen, doesn’t want me near him. 

But I don’t know how I can stay away. 

If it was just about the money, I could do it. I don’t care about that—not the gold, or the jewels, or even the diamond necklace. 

If it was just his looks, I could do that too. Even if he has that square jaw with just a hint of stubble, and those piercing blue eyes, and the sexiest European accent too.

But the way he held my puppy when it was injured, with not a care for the thousand dollar suit he was ruining? It’s the little things that make staying away hard.

Which is ironic, because it’s the big things that are keeping us apart—like the fact that I’m a commoner, he’s a prince. Or the fact that he’s already betrothed to someone else…

This box set contains the complete Royal Duties series. It is a standalone romance series with a happy ending.

But be warned! This short, steamy fairy tale romance contains smoking hot scenes between a nurse and a sexy, exotic Prince Charming suitable for adults only.

This special edition includes a BONUS NOVELLA as an exclusive extra!

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