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Miki Radicci Series (Books 8, 9, & 10): Miki Radicci

613 pages7 hours


Contains three Miki Radicci novels in one volume!


In the 8th book of M.E. Purfield's addictive noir fantasy series, two characters from two different novels come together to find a killer and break a chain of evil.

Miki Radicci, a teen psychic who can experience one's pain and death, lives in Manhattan where she tries to drown her past sins and guilt.

Lorelei Cox (Party Girl Crashes the Rapture), a recovering addict, lives in Jersey City with her one true love and works as a waitress, far from the dark past that almost killed her.

When Lorelei is accused of killing a police officer, Miki spares no expense in helping her friend prove her innocence. The girls soon discover a child pornography operation from out of the past that is run by a demon that will bind them forever.


He has no name and no history. The police can't identify him. He won't say a word except one name: Michael Radicci.

During the last few crazy hours of her father's life, teen psychic Miki Radicci had heard a few names she knows nothing about: Sweeney, Prudence, Janae; leaving much of her father's time with the government funded OCCT program and their use of the experimental drug SDER4 a mystery.

One night as she's about to drink her pain away, Detective Otto Sampson calls her to help identify a man who knew her father. She doesn't recognize him, but she knows his name: Sweeney. He was in the OCCT program and was also given SDER4. Like Miki, there is one man he would like to find and see dead, Dr. Randal Leger.

By the end of the night Miki and Sweeney are on the run from the law. Hoping to find some answers about her father and to see the one man responsible for his death, the two make their way to Ashland, Kentucky and a secret facility where she not only discovers the answers she seeks, but that reality is not what it seems.


She killed two men and blew him up with grenades but only sent him onto a catatonic state. Now someone else has killed him and she has to find his killer or risk revealing her crime.

Teen psychic Miki Radicci has done a few bad things in her life like killed a couple of skinheads and placed their leader Ethan Weisz into a catatonic state. So far the law hasn't caught up to her and no one knows she's done it.

Until now.

Bradford Weisz, Ethan's father, wants to make a deal. In exchange for the video he has of Miki killing the two skinheads and attacking his son, she must find the man who killed Ethan. Not something Miki wants to do. Especially now that she has a long lost half-sister out there that she would like to find but what choice does she have.

With the help of Ethan's best friend and Bradford's right hand man, Ryan Fisk, Miki immerses herself into the skinhead community of hate and violence to find the killer of a man who would love to see her dead.

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