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A Finely Tuned Faith: The Right Promise At the Right Time

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In order to maintain our faith when it is tested, we need precise, specific reminders of why our confidence in God is justified. We need to engage with the biblical promises most relevant to the different dilemmas we face every day. In “A Finely Tuned Faith” Douglas Knighton helps us employ scriptures suitably appropriate to some of life’s frequently encountered difficulties. We want dynamically effective faith when we sense our resources are scarce or unstable; when life does not seem to be going well; when we are considering an action we will regret; when we are not content; when we are bludgeoned by distress and despair; when we feel feeble and weak; when we fail to reflect God’s character; when we question our ability to be faithful; and especially when we think we are on our own. This book helps us focus our attention on precisely the right promises for the right circumstances, so that when we are tested, we will respond with “A Finely Tuned Faith.”

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